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As a part of the Image Bali International Group, Image Bali furniture has been in the business for almost two decades in which it provides the best Bali furniture for adding charm of house interior. With the headquarter is located at the center of Bali, Image Bali furniture remains as the best furniture supplier for our clients who put elegance above all else for their dwellings, office, villas and also tourism resorts.

Image Bali furniture is famous for its unique, yet modern furniture that represents the strong cultural aspect of Bali without ignoring the contemporary touch of each product. All of our furniture and accessories for house decoration are available in very magnificent design that no other supplier will ever provide. We manufacture each piece of furniture with the very highly skilled Bali native carpenters who have been doing this for generations. We care about the beauty of the genuine Bali furniture as we also concern about employing native people for making a living.

Image Bali is certain that it requires more than just capability in manufacturing perfect Bali furniture for becoming the first number in selling brand of Bali furniture throughout the world. Image Bali furniture has been aiming for becoming the best company for providing rustic, Bali furniture and it is encouraged for the better future of the company and the workers who have been serving our clients for decades.

Image Bali furniture offers most rapid-growing selections of leading furniture in which our clients can easily choose them through our gallery on its official website. Clients of Image Bali furniture are made easy in beginning to browse the best furniture for their home interior. Choices are varied from modern and contemporary décor style to conventional and rustic Bali ethnic furniture. All of the available furniture has unique mix of craftsmanship and cultural influence.

Image Bali furniture offers clients the best manner in decorating interior areas for your home sweet home; things which add upon the whole charm of your home. It doesn’t matter where our clients reside, they can just order furniture from Image Bali collections only by single click.

Precisely like several other accessories for decoration with soft furnishings, Image Bali furniture and house decoration pieces are accessible in several array of shapes and sizes with marvelous themes. Surely, clients will get best theme of house decoration when they choose Image Bali furniture as it will escalate the charm of the residence.

Image Bali furniture are made of very durable wood though it is soft enough to carve. They range from rattan. Bamboo and teakwood. Find out the collection of many styles of furniture from antique to vintage which are suitable for any kind of house décor interior theme. Bali furniture is famous due to its unique carving in it and Image Bali is proud to have the elaborate carving on almost all furniture which is manufactured.

Image Bali furniture welcomes orders from our clients related  to their desired design. They can have their own drawings as the highly skilled carpenters of Image Bali furniture will be ready in manufacturing them for the clients’ total satisfaction.

Interior Services

News / Articles

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